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raziel714 [userpic]


September 12th, 2007 (02:35 pm)

current mood: Relieved
current song: E Nomine - Mitternacht

I heard yesterday that my father left the woman he was with. 
And I couldn't be happiest.
Ever since they moved in together, I hardly heard from him, I visited him for half an hour on Father's day, and another half hour on his birthday. Because that woman didn't want us there.
Problems have been arising with my younger brother, and he needs to move in with my father.
Well, when she heard of that, she went absolutely ballistic. She said, it's your kids, or it's me.
My father, finally fed up with putting up with her bullshit, just told her to get out. And so she did.
I doubt she'll be coming back.
Last night, Father called me, and we talked, for a long while.
He's going to help me, at least a little with the problems I've been having lately (referring to earlier posts if you want to know)
and he wants to spend time with me. I'm going to go to his house on Friday, and hang out with him.
I nearly burst into tears when we hung up the phone. He might not have been the greatest father one could ask for...

But I still missed him. I'm glad I have my father back.

I love you Dad.

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