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raziel714 [userpic]

Frendz o_O

July 14th, 2007 (02:02 pm)

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So I've had a relatively good summer so far. As for college, I'm not completely sure how that's gonna roll on but I'm saving that post for another time. What I want to talk about now are my friends. Although I know them online, and talk to them online, I don't call them online friends because that signifies distance, which is something I don't see. We're much closer than that. They are real indeed, and have helped me through so many problems, and I think I can say that they know me better than most people that actually see me irl.

I can tell them so many things, and they won't turn on me, or judge me, just listen, and give advice if applicable. I can safely say that I love my friends, and would do anything I could for them.

Cici, you're like my big sis, my best friend and I love ya to death! We're always here for each other, even when things get all hectic xD haha!
Kaka, well this is complicated XDDDD o_O I'm princess Kiki and such o.o and yea xD LMAO we're just awesome XDDD Oh and desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp nsəp
Sagers, although you probably won't read this, and we fight more than anything xD (even if its only joking "most of the time") you is mah brotha xD and you're awesome ^_^

Soi, although we've had our moments, know I love you very much, that I never want to let go. I love talking to you. Make me laugh and smile, that you do ^^ Love you hun.

Woooo! xD; Ok, switching subjects now o.O I've been getting more immersed in /b/ as you can tell by the little message I left for Kaka xD It's really interesting stuff that it is! No details will be exposed, hahaha xD

But anyhoo, hope everyone has a happy bastille day! Aka my birthday :3


Posted by: swtlilqtj (swtlilqtj)
Posted at: July 14th, 2007 07:16 pm (UTC)

First off....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!!!!! \o.o/

but yesh! i don't refer to you guys as "online" freinds. friends are friends and there shouldn't be any other title for it.

YAY!! another little brotha! woo!! Kaka would a lil bro too...but he's older. lol makes no sence but it's the trueth!


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