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raziel714 [userpic]

Lol hay guise

August 10th, 2007 (09:40 pm)

current mood: artistic

It's me again posting some moar useless stuff I'm sure o.o

I had a long ass day today -_-
Working outside, then showering, took me about 5-6 hours or so o.O
Shower only took ten minutes thank you very much D:

So I'm kinda wiped, but eh. I also didn't get to talk to a certain someone as much as I would have liked to ;-;
But I also have to watch how many minutes I have left >_<
I got a $108 Bill today, which is gonna make it hard to pay next months XD
Ah well :3

I've been catching up on my bass playing as well, it's been ages since I've played. I was invited at the beginning of summer to move to Austin, TX to play with a band there, but. If I did it would have meant not speaking to any of you guys ever again ^_^;
So of course I didn't want that. I also want to found my own band, not join an already established band, even if they are already going well off.

I'm a better bassist than guitarist 10 fold and more so that's what I most likely would end up doing. I can hardly do lead, maybe a couple songs here and there. I'm more comfortable with Rhythm guitar, but like i said, bass is my calling. It's what I've done since before I was a pre-teen, and I won't ever give that up. The past few days I've been getting my fingers back in shape, and actually started bass picking, instead of just using my fingers, decided to try something new for a change.

Hopefully I can get good enough again that I can make a band like the one I had once. Broken Obsession was good and all, but the lead guitarist and bassist (not me -_-) were so conflicting everything eventually just fell apart. Hopefully now I can make a few friends that play, and we can start something back up. Heh, I even have a name, though I doubt anyone would go for it xD
"Stone Sixth"

Don't ask where it came from, it just..popped in haha >_<

Anyhow, just felt I had to post this up there ^_^

You all take care, and see you at my next post!